Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do It New

My teacher asked a curious question to the class today.
"Is there anyone here who has bought something new this week? Something you have never bought before?"
In a class of 100 people, three people said yes.
3% of our classroom has tried something new this week.
To me that's not only odd, but kind of sad.
Are we all so mechanized in our daily routines that we walk through our waking hours with the same new items, bought for the same old reasons and fighting over the same old things as we ever have?
I think I'm hitting a certain point in my life where I'm realizing that everything in my life seems to be settling on some kind of path that's leading me... somewhere.
I wish I could more specific then that, but everyday things are becoming more mechanical, more robotic, more bland...
I think I need to go buy something I've never bought before. Make my life more exciting... Like a blue freezie...