Saturday, August 14, 2010

This webseries is consuming my life...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Beavis and Butthead... and CHER?!

So, when on late at night... what does one do?
I get curious, so I decided to check out Remember when they used to play music? Wasn't that awesome?
So I get there, and check out the countdown and realize I know maybe four or five of the songs on the list, when I realize... dude... They have the entire archives of Much Music Countdown on the website.
I can remember the first time I watched a music video, which would be peaches by the Presidents of the United States of America... and then I realized... dude, that would've been 1996. I missed out on the entire first half of the decade!
So I started to pick random numbers and dates to see what gems I could find...
And man... Did you guys even realize THIS existed?
Not only did it exist... but IT'S A NUMBER ONE HIT ON THE MUCHMUSIC COUNTDOWN! The song actually beat out the Cranberries "Linger"
Now honestly, which of those two songs would you rather listen to?
If you don't believe me, the date was Feb. 11, 1994 on their archives.
I mean really? How many kids even know who Beavis and Butthead are now? I only know because I was old enough to catch the tail end of it. They're the new Gumby!
I just thought that was SO incredibly weird.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My top ten movies

What do my favorite movies say about me?

10) Fight Club
9) Twister
8) Connie and Carla
7) Death at a Funeral (the REAL version, not the black one)
6) Sister Act
4) Naked Gun
3) Hunchback of Notre Dame
2) Finding Nemo
1) Labyrinth

I don't even know if this is my definitive list really:
Two involve performing (Three if you include Hunchback), at least half are comedies, two are Pixar...
I guess I am now and forever will be a kid at heart.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No TV 4 U and ME

I am not normally a political person. I don't think that I should have any chance to say how or why someone should live their life. I can make suggestions and opinions, but all in all, I feel I am thoroughly incapable of telling someone how they should live their life.
However, there is one thing that lately I have become rather adamant about. I am Canadian. This is a statement that I am proud of. I believe Canadians are just, intelligent and capable. I believe that Canada as a whole needs to stop kneeling down to the other countries that believe themselves to be superior for no other reason then the almighty dollar. Nothing solidified my Canadian national pride better then the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. We won. Canadians went from the meek, unassuming country to the proud, boisterous party animal that we deserve to be. I'm not saying we should flaunt and brag that we're the best country in the world, after all a wise man did once tell me that pride can be as ugly as shame, (although I am proud to say that in my mind, there is no other place I would prefer to be) but I do think at some point we have to stop apologizing for wanting to be heard.
What has really been grinding my gears lately is the fact that our major Canadian broadcasting companies import nearly all of their shows. Think of your favorite shows: Lost, Grey's Anatomy, House... Why are all of our shows imported from the States? If anything shows like Flashpoint, Little Mosque and Corner Gas have taught us that we can do quality television here in Canada so why are these still the only shows that Canada seems to produce?
My idea is radical, but why don't we find a large scale Canadian broadcasting company that actually produces, airs and promotes Canadian shows?
The idea is so radically opposed by people who are already up in arms at one idea: Whats wrong with the shows that are already on these stations?
And the answer is: Well, nothing. House is amazing. Lost was one of the weirdest and most creative television shows to come out... ever really. Women love Grey's Anatomy (even though I may not...) Many of these shows are quality programs.
The problem lies in the simple fact that Canada is being treated a lot like a sucker. Our money, which we are gladly giving to these broadcasting companies, is going to pay for programs from the States.
Why is this a problem? Well to put it bluntly, it means that Canada once again is allowing the world to treat Canada like it's second best. They're allowing our money to be spent on products that may entertain us, but do not benefit us in any way shape or form down the line.
So what? So what's the big deal anyway? Americans make good programs. Shouldn't they deserve the money?
Well yes, some of the programs deserve to be on television. But not Canadian television. Think about it, many American broadcasting channels are now broadcasting in Canada. It's not uncommon with the advent of satellite dishes to be able to pick up a show from many, MANY different channels at the same time. Why do Canadian stations CHOOSE to share their ratings with these shows while bold new Candian drama like Shattered (which despite being ANOTHER Canadian cop drama, actually sounds somewhat interesting) is shoveled into the Friday night death slot?
The main problem with this is that money that could be used to fuel Canadian television, to put a face and a voice to Canadian culture and to allow us to yell our voice far and wide and broadcast it to the world, is being sequestered and is left dying and dehydrated in the corner. If we don't produce Canadian television, and Canadian films, how can we be expected to grow an industry? How can we prosper when we know that even if we pull a Midas, it'll be shoveled into a death slot and ignored.
We need to start producing Canadian works. We need to start promoting Canadian works. We need to start watching Canadian works. But perhaps the most important piece is the fact that we need to start DEMANDING Canadian works. If we don't demand it, and support it, then it will fail. But at least you'll be able to comfort yourself with quality American reality shows. Survivor season 21 anyone?

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I remember a time when my emails used to be more then just junk mail. When did Facebook take the place of good old fashioned regular communication? Today I deleted my entire inbox, and it's amazing how different you feel when you do. Over 2000 messages from the past four years that I never had the heart to delete before disappeared at the click of a button... and now I just feel strange. But I feel I'm at a time in my life where I might just need to cut out the past and move forward. It's about time I did I think. There's nothing wrong with being nostalgic, but when you're living your life looking over your shoulder it's time to let it go I think.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Things that will happen in a North.Light theatre show

10 things that will happen in a North.Light show:

10) Men will dress as women
9) Women will complain about the yellow dress
8) At some point, someone will be attacked with a banana
7) At some point, the writer will be insulted
6) At some point, the director will be insulted
5) There will be an abundance of Stage Managers
4) Cheesy music will be played, and forcibly enjoyed
3) The lights will be blinding, and the actors will complain
2) People will drop out
1) Despite everything people will still love it

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well the next exam is tomorrow. So that's exciting.
Funny to think that English tends to matter for one week at a time.
Usually that week corresponds to exam week. Funny how that works.

Right now I am facing a big mass of confusion.
I have two shows coming up so that's exciting! If you're in town from April 22-24 be sure to come out and see Massacre and Gods Car Leaves at Veritasse. They're funny! And the price is amazing!

I've been addicted to Survivor lately. I freaking love that show. It's just grand.

Not really sure what to do next. Tired as can be.
I keep meaning to make a meaningful entry but can't seem to.

So for all those interested: You should come see this. It's grand.!/event.php?eid=102065773168907&ref=mf