Monday, February 23, 2009

a Message from Dehli

For those of you who follow me, (When I'm not being emo and the so on and so forth and suchlike) You will realize that I'm in India. Like the actual India. Like Jungle Book, Hinduism India. It's AWESOME.
I've traveled through Dehli now and seen a plethora of temples. I've met Vishnu and Ganesha (Sorry Susan, don't have any photos) at a temple that was absolutely covered in Swastikas so that was interesting. Been to the markets, and I've seen India gate... It's a lot of memorials and monuments that photos really don't do justice too.
I wish I could fully explain the driving situation... but it defies words. TERRIFYING comes to mind. These roads literally look like a child scribbled them onto a hillside. You're turning literally every twenty feet, and these cabbies are suicidal. They know no bounds. You will twist and turn and get sick as they turn up the serpentine mountains and you blow your chunks over all the road.
Oh yeah, they drive on the other side of the road here... where it's marked at least.
As I said, crazy.
Easily the best part of the trip so far has to be heading up to Almora. From Dehli you take an eight hour train ride north to the mountains, the himalayas to be exact, and after drving four hours into the hills (on aforementioned serpentine hills) you arrive at this most beautiful city built all over the sides of a mountain. Literally it can drop off a thousand feet on either side of a house. It's really a site to behold.
Anyway, the pastor, David Moses (Hows THAT for a biblical name) has a scooter, and he took me for a ride through this Himalayan path. The views of those mountains is beyond what words can say. The forests are amazing, and I even got to see a leopard. Pretty cool eh?
Anyway, I must be off. In two days we head down to Kerala so that's going to be incredibly exciting... lets just hope my ipod stays juiced for the trip down.
Love and miss you all.

Monday, February 16, 2009

So here I am, about to leave London. We're heading to Frankfurt with a changeover, and then we're officially on our way to Dehli. Man it's getting exciting. In one way I'm so excited to be heading there, but in another way, I'm still terrified. The idea of me preaching kind of terrifies me. Maybe I'll even like it.
Anyway: London was wonderful. I managed to see four amazing shows, see five seperate theatres, each of which was beautiful. Got to see three art galleries, two museums, (did you know all the galleries and museums and such are free over here? It's wonderful! you can simply walk right in and marvel at the centuries of historical items. It's awesome) and so much else it's hard to explain it all. Even just seeing the sites is a treat in itself. Seeing the eye, Buck house, big ben... the list goes on and on... I could literally talk about London forever... In fact I probably will so you'll all have to put up with me for a while.
Oh, and the food... Oh lord the food is wonderful.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

ट्रिप Diaries

These are my chronicles of my trip so far:

So I'm in London. The plane ride down from North Bay to Toronto was hell. I felt like we were going to be torn apart by the wind. It was so bad I don't even want to take the plane back up to North Bay. Just leave me in Toronto and I'll be fine. From there we went off to sunny London... and I love this city. I can't believe how nice it all is. We saw Jersey boys and it's unreal how much great theatre there is here. Me and my dad passed by Rowan Atkinson the other day. On the street. Did you know he's actually a real person? Who knew?! We've been to three Art Galleries and they're great, but I find that after a little while they all start to look the same. Yes it's amazing... but it's like culture overload. I can't believe how different everything is over here. Everyone walks everywhere which is really neat. There's this air of sophistication which is awesome. My dad gets annoying sometimes but whatever, I can get over it quickly. Anyway, he's pestering me to get off this so I thought I'd just do a quick note to everyone back home. I hope to see everyone soon. I miss being social with people my own age.

Oh yeah. My laptop doesn't work over here, my phone doesn't work over here so I'm down to my books and my DS. This should be an interesting travel session.

Next week we head to India and I'll attempt to catch everyone up on what's happened so far. In full detail.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

L is a funny business

So yeah... Remember that video I had ages ago? Hot N Cold? I never realized how much this video represents my life.

So right now, I can't help but wonder, as my girl Marit did, what's going on under the surface? Is it all a show or is it for real? Is it the pills taking you up and down, or is it you? Are you actually trying to push me away or is it my mind going all Single White Female on me? Am I projecting onto you? Is this my own insecurities? 

Why do you go from hot to cold? 

Fuck why am I so pathetically desperate? 

So, now that I'm officially a needy desperate twelve year old emo tween, I might as well turn it around. 

I'm a catch. Lets face it, it's true. Supremely true. 

I don't like my knees. They're so bulbous and round. I dislike them. 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 things

I don't usually do these things... That's a huge lie. I always do these things. I'm supposed to tag a bunch of people, but I figure if I do the test thing this way, LOTS of people will look at it. 

  1. I love the english language. I don't love reading, unless the story is really different and original. 
  2. I would act for the rest of my life if I could. I love theatre. I've grown up on it and when I'm on stage, I feel like I'm doing something outstanding, even if the show sucks
  3. I've been in three shows that I haven't enjoyed being in. But that's it. 
  4. I love my dogs more then I love most people.
  5. I secretly don't mind my job at blockbuster. But somedays I want to blow up my work. And sell the charred wreckage on ebay to the idiots who shop there. 
  6. There are three people who have figured out where I'm ticklish. If they tell anyone I will kill them. 
  7. I'm a mama's boy. I love my parents and respect them but I still want to live on my own. 
  8. I have two female singers that I adore: Alanis Morisette and Marit Larsen. Kylie is just a cover. Mylie Cyrus is slowly creeping her way into my heart. You don't know if I'm kidding or not. 
  9. My favorite movie of all time is Josie and the Pussycats. Deal with it. It's fucking awesome. 
  10. I have written a couple novels. A Little Bit of Conversation in 2003, The Half Finished Act of Parson's Person in 2005, Sleepwalker in 2006, The Good Thief in 2007, Jane in the Agency in 2008 (A spy novel, still working on the title) And the Disciple Trilogy: The Invisible War in 2007, The Critical Time and the Deadly choice, both in 2008. I've also written a few plays. 
  11. Every morning I have a banana wrap. They're delicious. Especially with cinnamon. 
  12. I always think I'm fatter then I am. I know I'm not, but hey, the price of being average. 
  13. I love mint choc chip ice cream. It's amazing. 
  14. I want to create my own touring theatre company that goes into schools and incorporates the kids into the show. That'd be AWESOME. 
  15. I know a lot of random facts about completely useless things. People think I'm smart, but I've actually just surfed wikipedia. A LOT.
  16. I'm also really smart. Wikipedia helps with that too.
  17. I've always hated cream eggs. 
  18. I love to sing, but I'm never sure what I sound like or what people think of my voice. 
  19. I love board games. My favorite is settlers of Catan. We still totally need to do a board game night. 
  20. I want to be recognized for something. Be it write a best seller, or get a million hits on youtube... just something. 
  21. My favorite fish/animal is the manta ray. They're the most amazing creatures in the world. 
  22. I love writing. I've written poems, novels, plays... but I almost never write short fiction. I wonder what that's about. 
  23. I love dancing and can swing dance. I've always loved to teach people as well
  24. I'm an excellent masseuse. I was once paid $20 to give someone a massage. 
  25. I love Jesus. He's my first love. 
So there you go. 25 things. 

That was oddly hard.