Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wanted: Wanted

It's been a long time since there was a really good movie about justice. And let me tell you, it's rather fascinating when a good justice movie comes along. 
Some might argue the Punisher as a good justice movie, but I disagree. It's a good movie, but the violence never truly outweighs the justice element.
Another is Fight Club, but that's been so long ago that it's status has decreased a little bit. That's not to say this movie does not rock, because it does. But I don't know if you can really justify it as a justice themed movie. 
More recently there are the Jodie Foster movies - The Brave One and Flight plan. Both very good. But the Brave One is just way too dramatic. It's a fascinating movie, but I don't know if it's justice in question, or if it's just one womans revenge story. 
This brings me to the real reason - 
It's Wanted. 
If you want a movie that's true to form as far as a movie where justice is truly served, this one tops the list. It's entertaining, has action scenes that are sexy as all Kylie, and it truly rocks. I'm quite impressed with this movie if you can't tell. 
I can't recommend it enough. It's that good. 
But if you don't like action or violence I'd avoid it. My dad actually came into the tv room and asked me what the hell I was watching. It's a touch excessive, but if you can forgive it at times, you'll find something to dig. 
Although Kayla didn't like it. Maybe I'm breathing too much into this but I enjoyed it. 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

When diva throws a fit

OK. Top model ended. And might I be the forty-thousandth to say :
Honestly. No drama, nothing exciting. No really amazing characters. Stale people. Nothing. Nothing nothing nothing.

And the topper?
At the end of every season Tyra poses with her top model. This year?

Here is McKee in her victory picture:

Notice anything?
Beautiful actually. As much as I disliked this cycle, and often disliked McKee due to boredom, I find she didn't have a very likable personality. BUT what I'm getting at is this. This is her victory pose with Tyra. TYRA has always posed with the winner of the cycle (with the exception of Adrienne of course). Look through them. Yoanna, Eva, Naima.. all of them. Even Whitney!
This year?
She has herself digitally inserted behind McKee. Is that fair? Is that not the most rediculous thing you've ever seen? 
Tyra is so egotistical that she's not even posing with the winner of the cycle anymore. Come on, we all know she doesn't look like that anymore. Tyra is a trainwreck in slow motion. In real time. 
GOD how this woman is driving me nuts. Can she just go away for a while?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I hate to be THAT person

I hate to say it, and be THAT person. The person who has to post his problems online, but right now I just have to let it out. I don't really care, it's not like anyone actually reads this.
I'm going to pop soon. I feel like such a failure. And the worst part is I don't even know why.
School is stressful. Why'd I decide to do it again?