Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm not going to lie, I started this group on the off chance that it would net me money. And in that regard, this blog can be looked at as a massive failure. 
First off, I'm not exactly funny. 
Secondly, this blog is Emo. 
Thirdly... well this blog is still emo. 
I don't know how to improve that. 
Shoot... I was actually going to make a point this time... but I can't. 
School is always getting busy before it gets better... I will be going to summer school which should be fun. Next year hopefully will be better. Maybe I'll update this more often. Maybe I'll find a niche to talk about every week like fourfour. We'll find out. 
On the upside: How freaken awesome was it when Celia got back up on the catwalk and told off Tyra on the last episode of Top Model. That was divatastic! She out bitched Kylie! That was sweet. Best ANTM diva moment since Jade existed. 

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