Saturday, May 2, 2009

Best Conversation Ever.

(*) SOMEONE (*) says: (8:52:42 PM)
if you feel causing some hell
Brel says: (8:52:53 PM)
(*) SOMEONE (*) says: (8:53:12 PM)
add yourself to the traditional Marriage fan page and  add some gay marriage pics to it
(*) SOMEONE (*) says: (8:53:19 PM)
I had some fun with it
Brel says: (8:53:24 PM)
uh... ok. Why?
(*) SOMEONE (*) says: (8:53:34 PM)
(*) SOMEONE (*) says: (8:53:45 PM)
because traditon marriage is a scam
Brel says: (8:53:57 PM)
I call it opposite mariage
(*) SOMEONE (*) says: (8:54:10 PM)
it's basically a homophobic group
Brel says: (8:54:27 PM)
well it's not like they're forcing you in
Brel says: (8:55:00 PM)
My theory is they aren't pushing it in my face, I don't think I should go out of my way to distort someone else's beliefs
Brel says: (8:55:28 PM)
if they were, I'd retaliate
(*) SOMEONE (*) says: (8:55:31 PM)
suit yourself - but you're breeding homophobes
Brel says: (8:55:41 PM)
Actually I'm not breeding. Period. 
 (*) SOMEONE (*) has left the conversation.


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