Monday, April 5, 2010

So... As far as life goes this past week has been interesting.
First point of interest is I have had a MASSIVE throat infection which is neither flattering nor pleasant. After getting some antibiotics I am not right as rain again... It would have been great had it not been for the pink eye... In both eyes. THAT sucked. So I didn't get my chance to head out to my parents house to play with my nephew... That was unfortunate but I'll see him soon enough...
Well I did find out that it's nearly impossible for people to remember anything before the age of five because our brains are not developed enough to store long term memory.
So this week my goal is to finish my screenplay, read everything I need to for my exams (I have TWO this weekend. SO ANGRY- on a weekend! Who does that?) and to actually begin the groundwork for getting my movie made. I'm pretty excited... Shoot, I still need to pay ACTRA... DARN IT!
I have good news! I have two shows coming up this month! We've paired Massacre with Gods Car Leaves and it's going to be EPIC!
I'm a fan of caps today.

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