Thursday, February 5, 2009

L is a funny business

So yeah... Remember that video I had ages ago? Hot N Cold? I never realized how much this video represents my life.

So right now, I can't help but wonder, as my girl Marit did, what's going on under the surface? Is it all a show or is it for real? Is it the pills taking you up and down, or is it you? Are you actually trying to push me away or is it my mind going all Single White Female on me? Am I projecting onto you? Is this my own insecurities? 

Why do you go from hot to cold? 

Fuck why am I so pathetically desperate? 

So, now that I'm officially a needy desperate twelve year old emo tween, I might as well turn it around. 

I'm a catch. Lets face it, it's true. Supremely true. 

I don't like my knees. They're so bulbous and round. I dislike them. 

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tribal_wolf said...

1. it isnt a show, its definitely real.
2. you cant blame it on anything else than how I feel for you.
3. i dont think i could push you away if i wanted or even tried to!
4. ok, i think you are a little right on this one :P, slight insecurities, and a bit of paranoia... i'm not going anywhere anytime soon babe!
5. maybe its not hot to cold? maybe its luke warm to hot??? its all about focus, sometimes theres a lot happening and i might get unfocused on what my goals really are, and wit you coming into this, it makes it even more interesting :D
6. I love your knees, so shut up. if you dont want them, i may have to steal them from you... and that tummy of yours hehehehe...
7. you are a catch. i know that, you now that, the girl down the street knows that! jeez :P
8. remember. i want the best for you, and all that entails, and if im part of that all the more better, because theres one word that i havent told anyone in a long time, and you heard it from me- and everything i said coming home from lauren's was true- including the water that was coming out of my face- jeez i guess i do have tear ducts :P

Raya.Ahava.Dode. love.

lets see where it takes us?