Monday, February 23, 2009

a Message from Dehli

For those of you who follow me, (When I'm not being emo and the so on and so forth and suchlike) You will realize that I'm in India. Like the actual India. Like Jungle Book, Hinduism India. It's AWESOME.
I've traveled through Dehli now and seen a plethora of temples. I've met Vishnu and Ganesha (Sorry Susan, don't have any photos) at a temple that was absolutely covered in Swastikas so that was interesting. Been to the markets, and I've seen India gate... It's a lot of memorials and monuments that photos really don't do justice too.
I wish I could fully explain the driving situation... but it defies words. TERRIFYING comes to mind. These roads literally look like a child scribbled them onto a hillside. You're turning literally every twenty feet, and these cabbies are suicidal. They know no bounds. You will twist and turn and get sick as they turn up the serpentine mountains and you blow your chunks over all the road.
Oh yeah, they drive on the other side of the road here... where it's marked at least.
As I said, crazy.
Easily the best part of the trip so far has to be heading up to Almora. From Dehli you take an eight hour train ride north to the mountains, the himalayas to be exact, and after drving four hours into the hills (on aforementioned serpentine hills) you arrive at this most beautiful city built all over the sides of a mountain. Literally it can drop off a thousand feet on either side of a house. It's really a site to behold.
Anyway, the pastor, David Moses (Hows THAT for a biblical name) has a scooter, and he took me for a ride through this Himalayan path. The views of those mountains is beyond what words can say. The forests are amazing, and I even got to see a leopard. Pretty cool eh?
Anyway, I must be off. In two days we head down to Kerala so that's going to be incredibly exciting... lets just hope my ipod stays juiced for the trip down.
Love and miss you all.

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Swiftrunner said...

Hi, I am pretty sure I went to high school with you, you just look familiar, anyway, I found my way here from the NaNoWriMo site, and I heard you are spearheading a group to meet at the coffeehouse. That's great. Anyway, I am reading your blog a bit, and they are not Swastika's they, are the original sign of fertility and good luck in India - often used at weddings - before Hitler reveresed the symbol in WW2.