Saturday, February 14, 2009

ट्रिप Diaries

These are my chronicles of my trip so far:

So I'm in London. The plane ride down from North Bay to Toronto was hell. I felt like we were going to be torn apart by the wind. It was so bad I don't even want to take the plane back up to North Bay. Just leave me in Toronto and I'll be fine. From there we went off to sunny London... and I love this city. I can't believe how nice it all is. We saw Jersey boys and it's unreal how much great theatre there is here. Me and my dad passed by Rowan Atkinson the other day. On the street. Did you know he's actually a real person? Who knew?! We've been to three Art Galleries and they're great, but I find that after a little while they all start to look the same. Yes it's amazing... but it's like culture overload. I can't believe how different everything is over here. Everyone walks everywhere which is really neat. There's this air of sophistication which is awesome. My dad gets annoying sometimes but whatever, I can get over it quickly. Anyway, he's pestering me to get off this so I thought I'd just do a quick note to everyone back home. I hope to see everyone soon. I miss being social with people my own age.

Oh yeah. My laptop doesn't work over here, my phone doesn't work over here so I'm down to my books and my DS. This should be an interesting travel session.

Next week we head to India and I'll attempt to catch everyone up on what's happened so far. In full detail.

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