Friday, December 18, 2009

Dark Rising: The savage tales of Matti McLean

I was fine until I read Doug's blog, then the horrible, horrible truth hit me all at once like a snowball filled with delicious rocks.
It's almost over.
My first major tv AND movie role, (Ironically the same part) is almost done, and that is just incredibly depressing.
The whole cast and crew of Dark Rising has been such a huge, HUGE blessing to me and what they've allowed me to do (get away with) is really mind blowing. For instance, I highly doubt many directors would let you write scenes for your character, much less write an entire episode. Andrew has been awesome, and I've realized how quickly I've grown too close to the cast and the crew of this series. Everyday on set has been a pleasure and it's just been wonderful.
Now I guess I just have to keep writing eh?
Dark Rising: The Savage Tales of Summer Vale is due to begin airing in June, (June really? I mean there IS a halloween and Christmas episode... ANYWAY...) and the movie Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back is due out in September.
Trust me when I say I'll be giving you regular updates. Exciting isn't it? :)

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