Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Dark Rising Truth

So, there's this movie called Dark Rising.

If you haven't seen it, I have to recommend it to you. Not because it's the best movie ever made. Not because Brigitte is hot on the cover (yes Andrew, I said it) Not because of any superficial reason really...
But because of these people, I am acting again.

To prove how long it's been since I posted regularly on this perhaps I should take a step back.
Two summers ago- I moved to Toronto to try to act. In the process, the agency I was with fell apart, the only acting job I found was with a small home movie and I went broke by working one shift a week at EB Games. (If that)
In all I came back home deciding to push the idea of acting out of my mind and just focus on going back to school. It was good for the first year, but I still missed acting.
As a result I went and tried to get two plays that I wrote going, but both fell apart before we could really get the shows on the road. Feeling defeated, agitated and frustrated I decided to just put theatre out of sight and out of mind.
However, this fall everything changed.
I actually began to work through a couple things. I was feeling frustrated with school, which unfortunately hasn't dissipated fully, although it has improved. Something I must talk about next time. Remind me? But after some small things, (and not so small things like Love*Fool), I found a little advertisement for an audition.
Thinking nothing of it, I auditioned for a movie called Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back.
And they liked me.
I mean they REALLY liked me.
The coolest thing is they liked me enough to hire me. But not only that. They liked me enough to help me get my full ACTRA (The Canadian Screen Union)
They've taught me so much, given me more, and really fueled the fire for my acting again. It's pretty wicked awesome cool.
I can't wait to share more with y'all but needless to say things are looking up. Which is just awesome.
Later everyone!

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Hope said...

SO PROUD OF YOU MATT!...We all knew this would come together you deserve all of this and more ..keep it up the sky is the limit for you..actually no scrtch that limits..just fly!

Love from one Love*Fool to another