Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Blockbuster Conundrum

So... As most of you know, I work at Blockbuster Video. Or as it's more commonly known to the people who work there:

It's an interesting place to be. It's better then most jobs I guess, but as with any job: It gets old. I started at Blockbuster in March '04, and since then (off and on) I've been there. I've had other jobs, some that have ended well, and some not so well (I'm looking at you GAP!) but through it all, I've had the heartless corporation behind me that is Blockbuster. 

I got the job due to a family connection (Who doesn't these days) And started work eagerly and for the first while it was enjoyable. It was a good time. Like any job, at first it was confusing... but soon transformed into the job.

Now as I said, it's not a bad job. It just has a way of making you crazy. Check ins become boring, long hours on your feet, and for some reason, everyone wants to let you know that they returned the movie.

First off, let me say that just because you said you returned a movie, doesn't mean it will magically appear in the drop box. 
Secondly, late fees do suck. But I didn't make them up. Don't shoot the messenger just because you're too lazy to bring a movie back. 

There are many things about the job that must be experienced to understand the full oxymoronic nature of the business. I guess it's that way with any job really, but for me, that's just Blockbuster. 

However, despite the fact that I claim to hate my job, it's not all bad. I love most of my co-workers, and even those I don't, I can tolerate. And the pay isn't totally bad. (not great, but hey, we'll see what happens when raises come around). The hours are steady, and I do have quite a bit of seniority built up by now. My boss seems especially gifted at putting up with me... I make it sound worse then it actually is mainly due to the fact that there are some of those people who make you want to kill someone. Or more specifically: Them. Where you can just jump over the counter and beat them until they're as dead as post-superbowl Janet's career. 

Hey, does anyone remember the band B44? Me neither. 

So... my Art Fundamentals Prof came into the store tonight. The woman is pure delight. I love her already. It's going to be a great class, and I'm really excited for Monday. I'm really loving being at Nip. I'm actually feeling challenged for once, and it's great to be back in an academic atmosphere. It's exactly what I needed right now... Now to fix this whole "Lots of homework" Situation. 

Is it wrong that I'm beginning to love Myley Cyrus? If only for her one song "See you again." This song was played at EVERY bar in Toronto and is really good. I'll talk about her soon enough. 


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anonymous-9ae said...

I wanted a job at Blockbuster so bad last summer but never handed in my resume 'cause another job called before I had the chance. So when your standing there not enjoying your job just know that there is someone out there that would like it, lol