Friday, October 3, 2008

The Dick-tionary

It's about time people started using words that may seem unfamiliar and scary. What's the newest and most cutting edge slang term going around? How should I know? I made up my own.

Wondersnatch - The epitome of the sarcastic wonderful. Also doubles as a sexual innuendo for... just about anything actually.

Menocidal - What a women becomes during those oh so special years. Take for instance, when your mother wakes you up at 5 am yelling because the dog stole her shoe so she makes everyone in the house search every room, until thirty minutes later you find the shoe. In the front hall. Exactly where it should have been.

Animanical- The feeling of nostalgia unique to those who can correctly sing the entire theme song of the Animaniacs.

This concludes this issue of the DICK tionary. Tune in next week for more hip slang that all them young folks be quoting.


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Maggie said...

Don't forget slorgy!