Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So... I'm writing again.
And for some completely inexplicable reason, I'm writing my books again.

Two years ago I wrote a book called the Invisible War. It was set up to be the first in a proposed trilogy revolving around a man and his struggle for freedom in a totalitarian society.

One and a half years ago now, I published it via self-publishing through a company called iUniverse, and this was the outcome :

At first it was wonderful. I had a book published! This is great! I'm so happy about everything!

And then it happened. I read the final copy of the book only to discover a mess of sentence fragments, bad editing and a botched book.

Few people probably know what I'm feeling. When you're creative, and you've worked so hard on something only to have the item torn asunder is disappointing to say the least. The amazing thing is, that despite having a book that was by all means a failure (I've sold less then forty copies to date, and the book has been read a total of 3 times by 3 people) it's not over.

Just recently I've actually picked up the steam and decided to finish the trilogy. If only for myself, to prove to myself that, yes, I can do this. Yes I can finish a trilogy that both entertains and is a huge commercial success. Who knows. Maybe my next book might even break 100 copies!

I want to get published. This is my goal. My dream is to be able to write for a living, and at least being at Nip is helping me to get some foot in some door and out of my own mouth. So if nothing else comes of being back at school, at least I'll be able to say I have another two manuscripts under my belt.

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