Monday, October 13, 2008

So the Thought Shifts

So lately my thoughts have been shifting from Reality TV to commercials.
How do they effect us?
Like really, we can ignore them, laugh at them, make fun of them... but the fact is they effect us. They effect us in ways that are both insidious and completely unconscious.
I like Mac's. Anyone with a pc is mentally inferior and anyone who hates mac's is a fascist. Honestly. I'm not kidding with this. But could my love for Mac's stem from their superior commercials?
Well, that's a bad choice. We all know Mac's are superior in every way, shape and form.
And if you don't agree... FASCIST!

Hey, have you ever played Nazi interrogator?

But seriously... am I reaching for that Axe because I've programmed to? Or is it my superior nose?
I always like to think that I'm buying something because it's a good price, it's a good quality, and to the best of my knowledge... it's what I want. Is that such a bad thing?

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Shauna said...

So, my computer forced me to come to this page and comment that you are correct. People with macs are morally, spiritually and most importantly, aesthetically superior to PC-havers. The end. love, shauna.